Activate Your Account

When you receive an invitation to join SickBank from your employer, you will need to complete your profile, provide direct deposit information, and pledge 1 sick day (full members) or set payroll deduction $5 per week for 10 paid sick days or $10 per week for 20 sick days (associate members) to activate the benefit.

Get Paid For Sick Days

Full members – once all employer provided sick days are used you can claim extra sick days, should the need arise, by visiting the SickBank website and filling out a claim form. Up to 10 sick days can be claimed per incidence; up to two incidence per year. Once approved, SickBank will pay the claimed days by direct deposit to the account provided. Associate Members will also be eligible to claim sick time by following the same process. All members automatically become eligible to draw sick time after a 30 day washout period post enrollment. Days can be claimed as needed until all days are exhausted.

Give Sick Time to Another

All members may donate sick time to another member in need if desired. Full members may donate employer provided sick days if available, or SickBank days if employer provided days are not available. Associate members can donate SickBank days if desired. To donate log into the SickBank website and click on the Donate button, select the employee you wish to donate to and number of days to donate. The donated days will be placed in the recipient's SickBank Account

Save Unused Sick Time for Future Use

On or about the time of an employee's Work Anniversary, full members will be given the option to Bank unused employer provided sick time with the SickBank. An e-mail will be sent two weeks before the anniversary date informing the eligibility to Bank time and how many days can be banked. Banked time will be placed in your personal SickBank account to be used in the future and will be in addition to the time SickBank provides as the benefit.