Our Commitment to Human Rights

At SickBank, we believe business can be the greatest platform for social change. This includes a commitment to respecting human rights. Although governments will always play a primary role in determining and protecting basic human rights in their jurisdiction, the private sector must also lead in this area by upholding and promoting human rights.

SickBank is committed to working with governments, industry, consumers, civil society, and our members to promote human rights. This statement explains our commitment to human rights and the steps we take to help realize this vision.

I. Our Commitment

SickBank values embody a long-standing respect for the fundamental protection of human rights, consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We recognize that we have a responsibility to apply high ethical standards to our operations and those we interact with. We also recognize that we have a responsibility to encourage our members, affiliates, partners, governments, and other actors to do the same.

II. Implementing Our Commitment

Policy Commitment

SickBank's Business Conduct Principles establish terms for compliance with local and National law, fair labor conditions, equality of opportunity in hiring, and anti-corruption and other relevant trade practices. Other SickBank initiatives, such as our Renewable Energy Commitment and Equality initiatives , promote important human rights such as sustainability, equality, and access to employment and education.

The company's commitment to promoting human rights includes commitments to: (1) privacy — respecting and protecting our users' right to privacy; (2) anti-corruption — operating ethically and with integrity; (3) labor standards — treating our employees with integrity, and not using forced labor or child labor, or tolerating discrimination; (4) protection of the environment.

We will continue to build upon these initiatives to promote human rights in a manner that includes internal reviews of practices that are evidence-based and informed by sustained dialogue with all those we interact with.

Multi-member Engagement

A path to respecting and promoting human rights is through cooperation with other companies, civil society, academics, governments and affected members. SickBank is committed to promoting human rights through active multi-member engagement, and using business as a platform for change.

Business should directly engage with all members, including government and non-government actors, to advance human rights around the world. Where our technology or business is directly implicated, continued, principled engagement will be undertaken to encourage greater respect for human rights.

Review, Reporting, and Grievance Processes

In order to promote human rights, we must also understand the ways in which these rights are experienced by our personnel and affected by own internal processes. Human rights impact assessments can ensure awareness of risks and practices across our operations that can be strengthened. SickBank also will optimize reporting and grievance channels to facilitate the detection and resolution of human rights disputes.