• Provide added sick time benefits to employees at minimal cost.
  • Reduce overall payroll costs by outsourcing sick time.
  • Attract quality candidates with an enhanced benefit package.
  • Promote sense of community within the organization by allowing sick time donation.
  • Contribute to strengthening the overall health and wellness of the national workforce.
  • Small employers can provide sick days to employees at minimal cost as associate member.
  • Ability to allocate financial resources reserved for payroll to other areas thus strengthening financial position.

Employer Benefits – Full Members

  • Designed for larger employers who routinely provide paid sick leave to its employees.
  • SickBank extends sick time an additional 20 days per year for the cost of one sick day per employee.
  • Additional sick days provided are paid out of the SickBank.
  • Pledged sick days are paid by the employer by simple electronic transfer to the SickBank.
  • $500 annual enrollment fee to employer.

Employee Benefits – Full Members

  • Deposit of one Employer-provided Sick Day per year will provide access to 20 additional paid Sick days per year.
  • May use SickBank Days to be paid during FMLA leave. Pay is at 50% of regular pay but will allow for up to 40 days of FMLA leave.
  • Ability to Donate Sick days to another member. Employer provided or Banked Sick Days may be donated.
  • Ability to request Sick Day Donations from others in the event an extended illness will exceed member employee's allotted Sick Day benefit.
  • Ability to Bank unused Employer provided Sick Days at the time of their Work Anniversary.

Employer Benefits – Associate Member

  • Designed for small businesses with less than 25 employees that do not routinely provide paid sick leave or can not afford to offer as many sick days as desired.
  • Can provide paid sick leave at minimal cost as employees are enrolled using payroll deduction.
  • Employees can choose from either $5 per week for 10 paid sick days or $10 per week for 20 paid sick days.
  • 30 day washout period before new enrolees can claim paid sick time.
  • Sick days paid out of the SickBank
  • $100 annual enrollment fee to employer

Employee Benefits – Associate Membership

  • Ability to access paid sick leave for minimal cost. A payroll deduction of $5 or $10 per week will provide 10 or 20 paid Sick Days per year respectively.
  • Sick Days will accrue at 1-2 days per month based on payroll deduction chosen.
  • Ability to Donate 1 Sick Day to another member employee per year.
  • 30 day washout period before new enrolees can claim paid sick time.
  • Ability to request a Sick Day Donation from another in the event an illness will exceed the accrued sick days available.
  • Security of being able to take sick leave knowing they will not lose the day's pay.